Vinyl 200/275 Series
The series 200 New Construction Window is cleanly designed with a smooth beveled exterior profile giving it a nice bold appearance and integral pre-punched nail fin.

The series 275 New Construction Window is designed with a profiled exterior simulating a wood brickmould look. The 275 also includes an integral pre-punched nailing fin.

Available as Single Hung, Picture Window and Architectural Shapes. Call out size is ½” larger than window size; a 2030 is 23 ½” X 35 ½”.


Vinyl 200 Series

Vinyl 275 Series







  • Colors: White, Pebblestone, and Clay
  • Multi-chambered extruded vinyl frame and sash provides stability with excellent
    strength, thermal resistant properties and is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl
    extrusions have superior sound absorption and continuous color throughout minimizing
    unsightly scratches.
  • Fusion Welded corners in frame and sash provides strength and virtually eliminates air
    and water infiltration.
  • Sill features a combined sloped and weep system ensuring quick and easy water run off.
  • Integral pre-punched nail fin adds strength, is a weather tight barrier and ease of
  • Dual weatherstrip system reduces all weather and air infiltration to meet or exceed
    National testing standards.
  • Dual pane 5/8” clear insulated glass with Duralite® Spacer.
  • Tilt-in removable bottom sash for ease of cleaning has dual sash locks on units 18” and
    wider reducing air infiltration, recessed tilt latches, integral lift rail adds strength and
    for easy operation.
  • Metal reinforced meeting rail for added strength, positive locking and reduces air
  • Block & tackle balances provide smooth operation, locking shoes prevent sash from
    falling out when tilting for cleaning or removal.
  • Combination units are made with continuous head and sill provides added structural
    stability and strength during installation.
  • Certifications of all products tested are done to meet or exceed national testing
    standards by NFRC and AAMA. Energy Star® partner.

Other Options

  • Glazing:
    - Argon enhanced glass improves energy efficiency
    - 3/4" dual insulated
    - LoE E66 is a clear coating with highest levels of solar control
    - Tempered, Obscure, Bronze or Grey glass
  • Grilles:
    - 3/4” Colonial, Prairie, 1” Contoured, 1 1/8” Simulated Divided Lite
  • Factory mulled or stacked units and field mull accessories
  • Shapes available: half rounds, quarter rounds, circles, octagons, trapezoids and other
    Styles. click here to see Special Shapes.
  • For cut to length or fractional sizes see replacement series 220
  • For coastal areas or added security see Impact-Resistant Series 4000 / 4750




Prefinished 275 Window

The 275 Series window also comes in a Prefinished option and is offered in Bronze.
The interior color is Clay.

Prefinished Warranty (.pdf)



Size Chart (.pdf)

Dimensions 200 Series (.pdf)

Dimensions 275 Series (.pdf)

U-Factor & SHGC Info (.pdf)

Installation Instructions (.pdf)

Field Mulling Instructions (.pdf)

Mulling Oversize Units (.pdf)

Warranty (.pdf)

Brochure (.pdf)

Glass Cleaning Requirements (.pdf)

Krestmark AAMA Performance Data (.pdf)
see "200/275 Series"


Products are subject to change without notice.

Note: All picture windows, shapes and one-frame glass larger than 30 square feet will come with Tempered Glass as standard for safety reasons. All additional charges for Tempered Glass will automatically be applied.







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