Impact Resistant Windows by Krestmark
What are Impact Resistant Windows?  Why do I need them?  How do they perform?  What should I expect?

Along the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean coastal areas there are high wind zones that require Impact Rated Hurricane Windows for safety and damage prevention. Krestmark offers reinforced Vinyl and Aluminum windows with Laminated Impact Resistance Glass.  These windows are held to the strictest standards those of Miami-Dade Counties, FL.  and they meet or exceed those codes. Recognized by Texas Department of Insurance and have FL approvals.

The higher costs of Impact Resistant Windows are further justified with these benefits:

  1. Immediate protection from wind-blown objects during Hurricanes.
  2. Security from would-be thieves, vandals or intruders.
  3. Sound dampening by using a flexible plastic laminate between two pieces of glass deadens the vibration having about the same sound prevention as a 2x4 insulated wall with Sheetrock/Gypsum/drywall on both sides.
  4. Ultraviolet light is reduced by more than 96% protecting carpets, furniture, home fabrics or art work from fading.

Coastal areas have two very distinct structural requirements for windows. Impact resistance, resists the failure from wind-blown debris.  Design Pressure resists failure from sustained wind pressure both positive and negative (outside and inside).  The design pressure tests are laboratory simulated by applying static pressure for prescribed amount of time outside and inside and measuring the deflection in both directions.

In addition to the two structural performance ratings, AAMA establishes minimum air infiltration and water penetration. These values are based on a percentage of the design pressure rating.  











Products are subject to change without notice.

Note: All picture windows, shapes and one-frame glass larger than 30 square feet will come with Tempered Glass as standard for safety reasons. All additional charges for Tempered Glass will automatically be applied.







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