Aluminum Series 1100 MFG. by Krestmark
The 1100 series aluminum window is a single hung window with spiral balance.

Available as Single Hung, Picture Windows and Architectural Shapes. Call out size is actual window size; a  2030 measures 24” x 36”.


Impact Aluminum 1100





** Notes special Impact features

  • Colors : White, Bronze and Sandstone.
  • Aluminum is tremendously strong and stable, it will not swell, shrink, split, crack or check over years of  service. It is very durable and can’t rust.
  • The Extruded frame with integral nailing fin and sash members are commercial quality
    6063 T5 Aluminum. Frame corners are mechanically fastened with non-magnetic steel
    or other non-corrosive materials compatible with aluminum such as zinc-plated steel
    properly treated for corrosion  resistance.
  • All 4 frame corners and meeting rail connections are sealed with Polyseamseal to keep
    the weather out and reduce air infiltration.
  • Sash members are interlocked for additional strength at corners and locking rail.
  • Two positive sash locks reduce air infiltration. (should remain locked when installing)
  • Weatherstripping: The perimeter of the movable sash is weather stripped with wool pile and/or soft vinyl for quiet, smooth operation to resist weather penetration and reduce air infiltration against normal elements when the units are closed and locked.
  • Laminated Impact Resistance Glass with Environsealed Windows™ Environmentally friendly warm edge spacer using high performance glazing compound.
  • 5/8” insulated glass with warm edge glass spacer.
  • Sloped sill for easy water run off. Corners are sealed with Polyseamseal * Quality certified in accordance with AAMA specifications.

Other Impact Resistant Options

  • Glazing:
    - LoE E66 is a clear coating with highest levels of solar control.
    - LoE E40 has a soft muted blue color to fight solar glare.
    - Tempered, Obscure, Bronze or Grey glass.
  • Argon gas is available but there are no test results in an actual unit.
  • Grilles: 5/8” Colonial or Prairie.
  • Factory mulled or stacked units and field mull accessories.
  • Special Shapes (click here).


Installation Instructions
Windows used to meet Coastal & Structural codes may require additional flashing and fastening methods than standard installations. See Manufacturers Instructions or TDI and Florida building code approvals for current methods.

Installation instructions (.pdf)


Dimensions 1100 Series (.pdf)

Dimensions 1101 Series (.pdf)

Dimensions 1150 Series (.pdf)

U-Factor & SHGC Info (.pdf)

Warranty (.pdf)

Brochure (.pdf)

Krestmark AAMA Performance Data (.pdf)
see "Aluminum Impact Series"

Mulling Oversize Units (.pdf)




Products are subject to change without notice.

Note: All picture windows, shapes and one-frame glass larger than 30 square feet will come with Tempered Glass as standard for safety reasons. All additional charges for Tempered Glass will automatically be applied.







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